Koori (Janet Thomason)

Classifications: 1st Gen, Protected
Gender: Female
DOB: 12.04.15
Source DNA: Alopex lagopus
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 15

Koori - a nickname, but universally used - is an agressive and vocal network sneaker, and has gained respect within the online community for her accomplishments. She was one of the very few splicers who found themselves in positive, formative foster homes, and her mother(she was officially adopted at age 17) is a civil rights lawyer deeply involved in the splicer rights movement.

She is deeply interested in the roots of networking and communication, from the telegraph to the metaverse, and can often be found in places she oughtn't be for the sake of historical observation. On the surface she is flippant and almost arrogant about her abilities; under the surface lies a very deep respect for what has come before.

Koori (c) Ice Zetsumi.