Ridley (no surname on file)

Classifications: ??
Gender: Male
DOB: ??
Source DNA: ??
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 15

Ridley is the other big enigma, in that he is clearly the result of something gone awry, but no one will claim credit for him and no one knows exactly what he is. To all appearances a 'lizard man', Ridley is equally secretive about his past and while it's assumed he knows what led to his existance, he's not talking.

He is nearly always accompanied by a rather intelligent tan rat named Poe, with whom he seems to share an unusual connection. He carries about life as usual; most normal people assume he's a splicer and the splicers have seen enough weirdness to write him off as unremarkable.

Ridley is at times collected and rational, at times unpredictable and goofy, and at times simply enigmatic. He is here for a reason, but one only he knows.