Cass Anu

Classifications: 1st Gen, Priviledged
Gender: Female
DOB: 8.01.18
Source DNA: Canis latrans
First Appearance: Chap 2, Page 1

Cass is a generally bitter and difficult person to get along with, though not genuinely mean-spirited. As a child she was very nearly feral, and had a very poor experience with the foster program, jumping from family to family with no real ability to connect with anyone.

She is one of the more animalistic of the splicers in the City, and while this lends her no social graces, it does make her a rather formiddable opponent. She is the only Hunter who is allowed to work alone, both due to her skill level and her inability to play well with others.

She is looked after by Sera, who she considers a friend - one of the very few she has.

Cass (c) eltee.