Sera Leng

Classifications: 1st Gen, Protected
Gender: Female
DOB: 7.21.15
Source DNA: Martes americana
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 15

Sera is first and foremost a kind and caring person, extremely patient, just a genuinely good person. She was another lucky splicer who found a supportive and loving home with her foster family, and as a result is extremely well educated and well spoken.

She goes to rather extreme lengths to appear as human as possible, going so far as to pin her ears down under most circumstances. Impeccable manners, a love for reading and civilization and culture - there may be secrets under there somewhere, but you won't find them.

She has an unusual and unlikely friendship with Cass, taking what appears to be a sort of 'big sister' role in the younger and more feral splicer's life, much to Cass's chagrin.

Sera (c) eltee.