Chase Magpie

Classifications: 1st Gen, Priviledged
Gender: Male
DOB: 10.05.18
Source DNA: Vulpes zerda
Assigned: TCG 534, Active 12.13.34
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 3

Chase is, at first glance, a pretty straightforwardly simple character. Smokes too much, drinks too much, does a lot of things too much, flippant, sarcastic, takes very little seriously. It doesn't take more than a second glance to realize that most of this is a mask for the very real insecurity he feels about his job, his actions, and his own humanity.

Chase is extremely close to his teammates, particularly to Maren, between which there appears to be some history - though this is not saying much, as they were all brought up in the same facility. He is fiercely loyal, to the point of it being a detriment at times. He has a tendency towards flashy, often over-the-top clothing, though it's uncertain whether he is trying to draw attention or simply doesn't care what anyone thinks.

He has a very definite set of morals - different than other people's but no less important to him - and his biggest problem is that he often doesn't know on which side of them he falls.