Maren Worth

Classifications: 1st Gen, Priviledged
Gender: Male
DOB: 5.09.15
Source DNA: Ailurus fulgens
Assigned: TCG 534, Active 2.03.36
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 1

Maren is one of the more enigmatic characters in this story. He seems to be in charge of his TCG by the letter and rank, but often delegates control to the others. He is quiet, has a dry sense of humor, and has the air of someone who has been through a lot but won't ever talk about it.

It is entirely unknown how he came to be white, as early photos of him from the project show him as dark-haired and, once the splice effects took hold, with brown and ginger fur. He also seems to remember more of his human life than most first gens do. He is older than the others, but joined the TCG more recently than they did, which leads to wild(and often tasteless) speculation as to how he became the leader of his group.

Maren is, overall, an extremely noble person with a strong sense of loyalty and 'doing what's right.' He is talented, long of thought, anything but rash, and has good strategic foresight. Extremely protective of his team and particularly Chase, he is also one of the least emotionally open people you will ever meet.