Mia Perelli

Classifications: 1st Gen, Priviledged
Gender: Female
DOB: 4.18.16
Source DNA: Mustela erminea
Assigned: TCG 534, Active 3.07.35
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 3

Mia is smart, perceptive, sharp-tongued and quick-witted, qualities that set her up as the most likely antagonist in any internal quibbles. She gives Rory shit mercilessly and the others to a lesser extent, but to say she dislikes them would be a lie, as she actually cares a great deal for the team; just has a strange way of showing it.

She is something of a technophile and a bit of a pyro. She handcrafts much of her arsenal and what she makes is nearly always both technically advanced and explosively showoffy. She is also fixated on the 'mafia scene' of the early twentieth century, and regularly dresses to match. The fact that she has so many fixations that define the way she works and presents herself suggests the possibility of an obsessive disorder, but like Rory, she is immune to forced medical intervention.

Mia has, on surface at least, accepted 'what she is' and is somewhat at peace with the events of her childhood in the facility, or at least, more at peace with it than the others in her group.