Rory Miller

Classifications: 1st Gen, Priviledged
Gender: Male
DOB: 3.22.16
Source DNA: Rattus norvegicus
Assigned: TCG 534, Active 4.24.33
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 3

Rory is a good example of one extreme end of the splicer psychological specrum. He is in deep denial about what was done to him and the others, and while he intellectually accepts what he sees in the mirror, he is extremely sensitive about it being referenced or brought up, a fact Mia takes regular advantage of.

He is also considered to be slightly unstable and a candidate for some sort of mood-balancing medication, but as part of the amnesty and priviledge assigned with their job, he cannot be forced into any medical regime. He wears special goggles voluntarily, to shield eyes made too light-sensitive by the splicing procedure from the sun.

Rory has a rather short fuse and is easily goaded into a fight, usually on the defensive. He is a generally disagreeable person, and slightly immature, but good in a fight - though he may enjoy his job a bit too much.