Otiro Dinn

Classifications: 1st Gen, Protected
Gender: Male
DOB: 10.20.15
Source DNA: Vulpes Velox
First Appearance: Chap 1, Page 15

Otiro is an unusual splicer mostly due to his extreme dislike of other splicers and their company, for whatever reason. He does not live in the government provided housing with the others but instead keeps a 'normal' roommate - Devan - in a regular apartment block that he fought tooth and nail to be accepted into.

He is skittish and nervous around large groups, or small groups, or really any sort of group. Until he was eighteen, his social worker tried to get him treatment for his anxiety but it was quickly found to be situational, not chemical. He is good with children, however, and enjoys entertaining them. He is an aspiring DJ but will not be able to move forward with it until he gets his crowd-anxiety under control.

Generally a good-hearted, honest kid, Otiro tries his best to do what is right, and often passes along what information he has on rogue activities to the only singly operating Hunter in town - Cass.

Otiro (c) Arito.